FIX Makerspace is implemented within a project of the Association for Business Promotion in Romania in partnership with INNOVA Debrecen Hungary, supported by the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Program through the European Regional Development Fund, with the support of the European Union and the Governments of the two countries.

FIX coworking
FIX coworking

The ROHU-420 “Create To Gather” project aims to contribute to the specific priority objective of the program: increasing employment in the Euroregion BHB (Bihor – Hajdú-Bihar), by finding solutions to the key problems identified in the field of creative industries – the lack of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, lack of well-defined identity and marketing, lack of value-added, cost-effective and quality products due to lack of trained workforce and suitable work space and equipment and facilities.

All these identified problems jointly influence the local market and creative industries, thus they have a negative effect on the economic growth of the cross-border area.

The project activities will contribute to the specific priority objective of the program through a highly complex cross-border intervention that will have positive effects on local employment in the long term, as joint employment initiatives will be regularly repeated and sustained even after project completion, especially those that encourage self-employment, entrepreneurship and business creation within creative hubs. Solving the problems will help strengthen businesses, develop products and services, increase revenue and, as a result, create new jobs in the BHB Euroregion.


The main outputs of the project are:


New brand and joint marketing strategy for the BHB Euroregion targeting creative industries products and services;


A network of creative industry operators and newly trained creative industry workforce;


Creative industries workspace in Oradea and Debrecen for creative industries professionals to facilitate and stimulate the creation of value-added products and services in Bihor and Hajdú-Bihar counties;


Cross-border entrepreneurial training through e-learning;


The cross-border platform presenting the products and services of creative industries operators in the BHB Euroregion;


The joint strategic training and development framework for employment-friendly growth of the BHB Euroregion in the creative industries;


Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary
Priority axis: PA3 – Improving employment and promoting cross-border labor mobility (Cooperation in employment);
Investment priority: SO8/b – Increasing the number of jobs in the eligible area;
Project code: ROHU-420;
Project title: “Create to Gather”;
Investment value: EUR 1,132,937.85
Project partners: Association for Business Promotion in Romania in Oradea and INNOVA in Debrecen