The Makerspace developed in Debrecen by INNOVA has found its home on Gambrinus Square in the city center.

Gambrinus Square is bordered by shops and here you can also find a shopping street below street level. According to the plans, the municipality of Debrecen is planning a development and rehabilitation of the square. The FIX Debrecen is integrated into these plans and is considered a landmark project by city administrators.


FIX Debrecen is a creative workshop that provides an opportunity for production, development and inspiration for active or emerging creative businesses.

Among the equipment of the makerspace are machines for processing wood, metal, textiles, 3D printers, tools for processing clay.

The space is also equipped with a photo studio, with various multimedia devices and different workspaces for graphic designers and architects.

Makerspace members benefit from professional guidance, entrepreneurial guidance and the possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration.

The FIX Debrecen team wants to become a landmark initiative in the region with a consolidated community and large-scale innovative projects.

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