FIX is a dynamic, community-based environment. We are a hybrid venue, a professional coworking space, creative workshops and a lively place to connect through remarkable events and inspire innovative ideas.


If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer and you need an inspiring work environment, we invite you to become a coworker in FIX Makerspace.

10 days

59 €+VAT

aprox. 294 RON + VAT

5 days

39 €+VAT

aprox. 194 RON + VAT

1 day

10 €+VAT

aprox. 50 RON + VTA


99 €+VAT/month

aprox. 492 RON + VAT


We offer event hall, workshop hall and multifunctional hall rental packages. Regardless of whether you want to organize a workshop, concert, launch, or release a book to the general public, we are at your disposal with various solutions as well as ancillary services (catering, photo, hosting, decoration, etc.).

Event Hall

starting from 64 €+VAT / hour, 500 €+VAT / day

approx. 319 RON + VAT / hour, 2486 RON + VAT / day
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: photographer, catering, special set-up production, printing / copying

Meeting room

12 €+VAT / hour, 84 €+VAT / day

aprox. 60 RON + VAT / hour, 418 RON + VAT / day

coffee break, printing / copying